gTool PanelPress for iPhone

Apple said some bent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be replaced under warranty, but that’s ‘some’. what if you have a bent iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and didn’t pass the Cupertino tech company’s set of “a visual mechanical inspection”? fear not because there is the gTool PanelPress that will unbend the bent phone of yours. well, that’s if your local repair man is willing to invest in one. gTool PanelPress is pretty much what it sounds like: a jig-like device with clamps that uses the principle of leverage to press back the bent phone to its original shape, or least get it as close to the original form, which is better than nothing at all.

gTool PanelPress for iPhone

that’s of course, assuming that your phone isn’t bent to the extreme like some who willfully bent them just to show how ‘bendable’ the device is. such intentional mutilation is certainly uncalled for and constitutes to gadget cruelty and should be reported. nah. just kidding, but seriously, don’t do that just to get views like some people do. it will just appear to be like an expensive act of troll. that’s no different from those folks who intentionally whack up lithium battery only to have the battery hitting them back. it’s call karma.

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anywho, it appears that the clamp system will also work on iPhone 5/5s, though we have not heard or seen any of those phones being bent. so if you are suffering from the #bendgate, then you better pray that your local repair shops are willing to plonk down 300 bucks for a device that could save your phone from its terrible fate.

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