Videos like Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana series never fail to set boy racers’ heart fluttering. It even aspired some to do the same, but there’s just one problem: money. It is true that some may have the talent necessary to pull a Gymkhana off (even with R/C car, if I may add), but their abilities to do so is, like I said, only limited by the money they have. Nobody can’t afford to Hoon like Ken Block without the dough, or so we thought. As it turns out, you don’t need monster (pun intended) budget to pull a smooth Gymkhana as proven by Etienne Guerra.

Gymkhana 0.9 The Ultimate Parody by Etienne Guerra
The man and his Ford_Fiesta_no_RS

In video entitled “Gymkhana 0.9 The Ultimate Parody,” Guerra pulled off some sick and delightful Gymkhana-worthy drifts which he cheekily described as “Cheapkhana” using nothing but a 60 horsepower 1994 Ford not-the-RS-version Fiesta. Yup. Indeed it is cheap, but the result is somewhat similar. OK, maybe minus the big post-production budget, but the concept, IMHO, pretty much nailed it. And it has one thing Ken Block’s Gymkhana series doesn’t have: humor. Seriously, you guys should really watch this smile-inducing parody video:

Images: Etienne Guerra.

via Jalopnik.

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