If you appreciate a bottle opener as much as the act of popping a bottle of cold one (or the other way round?), then you will love UK-based creative platform, Typica’s HALO Bottle Opener.

HALO Bottle Opener Kickstarter

I know right. That donut-shape thingy does not even look like it can pop a bottle, but it can. From the top and side, it looks like a perfect ring of donut, but the bottom is actually open which allows it to snag the cap of bottles.

And it ain’t a regular bottle opener. Sporting a simply toroidal shape that fits perfectly on the neck of any bottle, HALO can be used to open a bottle at any orientation. Lets just say that popping bottle has never gotten this creative since, well, bottle opener. That’s not counting opening with your teeth, or hitting it against the table top.

HALO Bottle Opener Kickstarter

Crafted out of stainless, the HALO is available in three beautiful finishes, namely, PVD Gold, Black Oxide, and Polished Stainless Steel – all of which will make the mundane acting of drinking bottled beverages really classy.

If you are down, you may want to consider joining the 500 backers who have contributed over US26K in funding in pre-ordering the HALO on Kickstarter. Early bird can secure a unit for £22 (about US$31).

HALO Bottle Opener Kickstarter

Throw in another 6 quid (about US$8.20), and you get an equally classy genuine leather case to go with the innovative bottle opener.

HALO Bottle Opener Kickstarter

All images courtesy of Typica.

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