If you live in mansion that requires intercom to reach out to another person in the same household, then caviar consumption could be a regular affair for you, but for everyone else, who can’t afford this much sought after delicacy of sturgeon roe on daily basis, Montreal-based maker of seaweed-based caviar, Kelp Caviar, has a brilliant gadget called Imperial Spherificator that will let you enjoy ‘caviar’ on daily basis without busting your bank vault. The product name may not be so obvious on what it does, but then again, there isn’t one like it in the market to begin with.

So, what exactly is a ‘spherificator’? Well, it is touted as the world’s first and only hand-held automatic caviar and pearl forming device (think the pearl in bubble tea, but tiny like caviar) that lets you add ‘caviar’ of fresh mint, coffee liquor and more to your drinks, food and desserts, turning any meal into a classy culinary experience. And no, there isn’t a sturgeon stuffed inside the Imperial Spherificator. This thing can make just about any type of substitute caviar you can imagine, except fish eggs. All you have to do is to add desired ingredients and if you are lacking of idea what caviar to make, there is a recipe and quick tip book to help you get started.

About the size of a pepper-grinder, the Imperial Spherificator boasts 200ml capacity, a variable speed controller, operates silently to produce these magical, tiny pearls, and is able to produce three different sizes of pearls – thanks to the interchangeable nozzle. Three different sizes of nozzles are included with each Imperial Spherificator. Isn’t that awesome? Like, you don’t need to own a bank to enjoy caviar spread on your toast every morning.

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If you are up for some caviar-filled eating experience, you can pre-order the Imperial Spherificator off Kickstarter from now till August 22, 2015, for $175 a pop. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in November 2015. And oh, there is no worry over the funding. A device with such grand promises sure attract hordes of backers, which it did. At the time of this writing, Imperial Spherificator has already pulled in more than 850 backers with over $140,000 in funding. Wow. We absolutely have no idea substitute caviar is great demand. We suspect the sturgeons are lobbying for this to take off so they can get to keep their eggs, or at least most of them, in future.

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