You know what? We may have found the perfect bicycle that befits the beautiful wine bottle holder for the bicycle: the Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bike.

Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bicycle

That’s right, folks, Hermès, the French luxury label best known for its scarfs and fine equestrian leather goods, now also sells bicycles too. Not just any old bicycle, btw. The Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bike is an ultra-luxury pedal-powered bicycle.

There are no fancy electronics. Just the good’ol pedal-powered mechanics. And it is not just any old pedal-powered bicycle too. It is a wooden bicycle. But like Renovo Aerowood Endurance Bicycle, it is of hybrid material. The frame is made of ash wood which is paired with polished aluminum hardware, including the fork, seat tube, handlebar stem, and headset.

The Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bike is inspired by the Japanese compact bicycle, and further features light integrated into the handlebars and seat post, a 4-speed gear system, an enameled medallion of the collection’s logo on the front, and a beautiful leather saddle hot-stamped with “Hermès Paris”. Hermès did not offer any more information than those.

Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bicycle

However, from the three product images, we know that the Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bike has a belt drive, and a chainring, or in this case, a belt ring, with what appears to be an orange leather cover. It also appears to rock leather handle grips – in orange, of course and rolls on a pair of bright orange tires. Finally, it looks like it is outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes.

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We observed that the cables were semi-internal routed. Strange that it does not go all the way since the Parisian fashion house did describe the bike as “lightweight, with clean lines.” Clean lines it is not with those lines spouting out of the handlebar, does it? Just saying… but it is really lightweight, coming in at just 24.2 lbs, or just a little over 10 kilograms, or a weight my weak hands can handle.

There is no doubt that the Hermès Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bike is a beautiful bike but the asking price of US$23,600 is a bit much. You can comfortably buy a car with that amount.

Images: Hermès.

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