For the eco-conscious, wine-loving, cyclist who’s heading to somewhere to celebrate with your favorite bottle of 1983 Chardonnay (a Raveneau Chablis Grand Cru Valmur, perhaps?), the last thing you want is breaking it. Right? Naturally. The solution to prevent that is pretty straightforward: get a backpack for the wine, but if style is a must and not an option, then perhaps The Bottle Holder by Les Ateliers Hervé will be a better choice. The design is simple enough: it is of wood and leather, but it is absolutely gorgeous, nonetheless. The bottle holder comprises of two round wooden pieces – one of them, had its center cored out for the bottle’s neck – wrapped by stitched leather, all completely handcrafted. The hand spun wooden pieces provide a rigid structure for the bottle holder, while the leather gives it the protection and style.

The Bottle Holder by Les Ateliers Hervé

It comes with integrated straps for attaching the bottle holder to your bike and a pair of handles for carrying it by hand when you dismount and take it the rest of way on foot. Quite a stunning piece of product, but not without a pretty sticker and in this case, The Bottle Holder by Les Ateliers Hervé will run you back at 95 bucks a piece. Also, The Bottle Holder is not the only thing Les Ateliers Hervé has to offer. Go check them out on the firm’s Kickstarter campaign. And yes, The Bottle Holder is being crowdfunded and so its fate is in your hands.

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The Bottle Holder by Les Ateliers Hervé

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