HiLo Lens

HiLO Lens
HiLO Lens | US$60.00 | www.hilolens.com

love firing off your shutter at unsuspecting folks? then you will love HiLO Lens, the world’s first right angle lens for iPhone or iPad. of course, the designer has good intentions – intentions for iPhonegraphers to take their iPhonegraphy to a greater lows or higher highs, literally – all of which previously couldn’t be done. well, technically the highs and lows could be done but those images usually don’t turn out quite as fantastic and for the pervert in some of you (you know who you are!), getting a snap or snaps of your favorite girl couldn’t have been more discreet now. shsss. you didn’t hear it from us. HiLO Lens is a fully custom designed optics comprising of three lenses and the all-so-critical prism that makes your right angle photography on iPhone possible and the optics chosen for this application afford users to capture the full field of view with their iPhone’s camera without sacrificing quality. sensible. even stalkers love a good quality stills and oh, it is totally usable if videography is your preferred choice. though tiny, the lens features a beautiful aluminum housing and stays secured to your iPhone with a washable tacky tac and it even comes with nifty cover to protect the lens. pretty cool, eh? the HiLO Lens is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and for a pledge of $60 or more, one of these could be yours. man, we love this product BUT for the record, we ain’t no perverts. just thought we should clear the air. scroll down for a pledge video.

Kickstarter via Oh Gizmo!

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