Dune Pro Mac Pro Clone PC Case

Love the oversized cheese-grater Apple Mac Pro, but you rather not deal with macOS or pay a princely sum for one when it hit the shelves? Well, Dune may have a solution and it is by an obvious Apple Mac Pro clone PC case which it calls Dune Pro.

Right off the bat, it appears to be a lawsuit waiting to happen, but Dune has its ass covered by not looking at exactly like the new Mac Pro. The standard issue is more like a mash up of the 2019 Mac Pro and the Power Mac G5 or the first-generation Mac Pro.

Dune Pro Mac Pro Clone PC Case

It circumvents, so to speak, any potential cease and desist from Apple’s legal team by offering an alternate front panel, called Dice Y, that will make the Dune Pro look exactly the airflow-centric cheese-grater 2019 Mac Pro. Well, that’s a clever way to avoid any direct legal issues.

There are a few other things which Dune Pro is different from the actual Mac Pro. It does not have the fancy side panel opening mechanism and also, it has adjustable legs that can also be swapped out for castors if you so desire. Beyond that, there is no doubt where the “design inspiration” is drawn from as far as exterior aesthetic is concerned.

Dune Pro Mac Pro Clone PC Case

Obviously, the inside is also a entirely different world too. Removing the panels reveals the usual PC mountings that supports a range of mainboards and graphics cards, plus a wide variety of storage combination and generous amount of space for either air or liquid cooling system.

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If you are keen in owning a 2019 Mac Pro-like tower PC without association withe Cupertino tech giant, you may want to look out for Dune Pro’s Kickstarter campaign which will launch on October 21, 2019.

Apparently, Kickstarter is aware, but it has no issue with this so-called Mac Pro clone. Interestingly, cloning is what Dune specializes in. The company is also selling a previous generation Mac Pro-inspired (AKA trash can) case called Dune Case for $199 on its website.

Dune Pro Mac Pro Clone PC Case

Images: Dune.

Source: Engadget.