i still fondly remember the days when the B16A engine-fitted EG Civic hits the street. it was a sleek, compact hatch with some 160 horses on the tap that makes any boy racer dream come through and with that, it also marked the beginning of the race for power among low capacity Japanese imports. to me, the EG6 and EK9 were the defining hatches of the 90s. that said, if you yearn to relive that, then the Honda Civic Type R Concept would be the wheels to look forward to. it is a concept still, but it will no doubt be hitting the road not far into the future. details remain pretty sparse for now, but according Honda UK, this will be the first Honda ride in Europe to be fitted with the new VTEC Turbo engine from the firm’s Earth Dreams Technology range. the said engine is a 2-liter direct injection, force-inducted inline four engine that will deliver “at least” 280PS (276 hp) and will be Euro 6 compliant.

Honda’s design team referred this concept as the “racing car for the road” as opposed to a high performance version of a road car and it being the most extreme Civic Type R yet. the aesthetics and features are derived from various track testing, which means they are not just eye-pleasers but also functional. the concept doesn’t look out of this world; in fact, it looks like a hybrid design between the MK and the FB series Civc. some other known details include an enormous rear spoiler (more like a wing), enlarged upper and lower front grilles, air outlets on the hood to aid in engine cooling, widened fenders, and 20-inch rolling stocks. the Japanese automaker will be officially unveiling this beautiful hatch at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show this week. in the mean time, we have some delightful images for you to feast upon.

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