How 5G Will Redefine iGaming And Classic Card Games

In recent years, gambling has risen to become one of the most popular home entertainment formats on the internet. The adaptation of many classic cards and casino games has proven a great success as the number of active gamblers around the world has increased exponentially in the past three years.

In fact, the global gambling market is expected to maintain an average growth rate of 11% for the next eight years. The latest projections also indicate that this market is currently worth over US$60 million.

5G Comes Into Play

Online gambling has essentially revolutionized conventional gambling, however, the supersonic speed at which the technology industry is operating promises to redefine online gambling itself. Nowadays, players can already enjoy all sorts of immersive casino games.

For instance, users looking to access some of the most innovative gambling can check out Paddy Power Bingo slot games, where they will find a large range of virtual rooms featuring new variants of slot titles that incorporate bingo gameplay. In addition to these new, emerging games, most gambling games are taking more and more inspiration from various themes, such as movies, tv shows, and literature to stay fresh.

While such innovations have already changed the way we perceive casino games, 5G is expected to take mobile and online gambling to a whole new level. The fifth generation mobile network is still being implemented around the world, as detailed by Tech Informed, but in the long run, this superfast network will transform our day-to-day routines and activities.

Enthusiasts of all sorts of gaming will see improvements to their online gaming experience. Connections will be more reliable, loading times will be cut short and uploads and downloads will become smother. Moreover, 5G is expected to reduce lag and delays when playing live games, as reported by GamesRadar+, making online gaming less frustrating.

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Live Casino Games and VR

Looking ahead, 5G also has the potential to enable other gambling formats that are still in their early stages of dissemination. Take live casino games as an example. While this type of casino game is already available on some of the biggest casino platforms, its potential has only begun being explored. Such games are usually broadcast live from real studios, where professional dealers host different types of games and interact with players.

There are currently different live rooms dedicated to specific sports, where users can gamble while discussing football or tennis, read the latest news, and even keep track of live fixtures. 5G could make this type of gaming a widespread reality allowing for the creation of more themed rooms and making them even more accessible.

On the other hand, other gaming experiences using state-of-the-art technology, such as virtual reality (VR), could also proliferate in the 5G age. VR has been the focus of an increasing number of gaming companies and its mass dissemination can only be made possible with the aid of a superfast and powerful connection.

VR Casinos could soon become common as more developers invest in developing more accessible hardware that can compete with other gaming accessories. As a result, this could work as an incentive for more game providers to start experimenting with VR-based virtual worlds, which are expected to be a crucial part of the metaverse.

With many advances within the iGaming sector, 5G is set to support this extensive new set of games for players on the go – though we advise that players avoid wandering around with a VR headset on…

Featured Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash/5G graphics: Mikeshouts.