The idea of building a website on a smartphone was laughable even five years ago. Tech is advancing rapidly, though, and smartphone capabilities are on track to overtake computers soon. The iPhone 13 is, without doubt, the most powerful smartphone that Apple has ever created, and it offers users the chance to do a lot of the same things they could do on a laptop. Some users may be surprised to find out how effortless it is to build an eCommerce website from the new Apple offering.

Create An eCommerce Website From The iPhone 13
Credit: Mikeshouts, Apple Inc., Pixabay (coffeebeanworks).

What’s So Good About The iPhone 13?

Apple has introduced a load of newfangled technology to its flagship device this year, with the A15 Bionic smartphone chip being one of the most notable additions. This is the world’s fastest mobile chip, and it enables lightning speed 5G and streaming. The addition sets it apart from its closest competitors, and other developers will now be scrambling to catch up.

The Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion allows for instant responses from the touch screen, giving users a sense of full control. This is something that will appeal greatly to web designers who need to move things about seamlessly. Combined with haptic touch, which gives a true sense of feeling items and aspects, grabbing and moving objects on the screen is a true pleasure.

How Can You Build An eCommerce Website From The Device?

The iPhone 13 may not be the most user-friendly device for web designers that need to write a lot of code, but it could be used to make simple websites. One of the most popular growing industries in 2021 is eCommerce, with many startups hoping to get a piece of the $8 billion pie. These internet shopping sites are in vogue now because they are easy for anyone to set up.

By using an eCommerce website builder, it’s simply a case of moving things around and editing sections of a template. All the complex coding is done behind the scenes, meaning that a regular person can get the hang of this form of website building quickly. This kind of service doesn’t just let people build sites from their smartphones, but they can also maintain and scale them from portable devices as well.

For eCommerce start-ups, making a simple page from the iPhone could be the way forward. It means that you can quickly check things and alter aspects of the site from the phone, and it’s also handy for replying to messages from potential customers.

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What Other Top Smartphones Can Serve This Function?

Of course, the iPhone 13 isn’t the only advanced smartphone that offers enough processing power to build websites from the small screen. Some people eschew Apple products because of their lack of interconnectivity with non-Apple devices. The biggest competitor to the American giant is Samsung. The Korean company’s offerings are usually on a par with Apple’s meaning that its latest device has similar capabilities to the iPhone 13.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Samsung smartphone that money can buy in 2021, and it’s easy to see why it has been referred to as a powerhouse. Most models use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, which is one of the best pieces of smartphone tech on the market. At 6.8 inches, it also has a slightly larger screen than its main rival, the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

There are a few other models out there that could possibly serve the same purpose as the Apple and Samsung devices, but they are not quite as high-powered. These include the OnePlus 9 and the Google Pixel 4A. Website designers may not find these to have quite an enjoyable experience like the iPhone 13.

Is Website Building From Smartphones The Future?

Seeing as more users than ever are accessing the web through smartphones – 54 percent of people it doesn’t seem crazy to think that more web designers will make the shift to the portable device when constructing pages. It enables them to see exactly how the site will look to most people.

Opting for a larger smartphone, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max with its 6.7-inch display, means that web designers have a lot of surface area to play with. They can easily see the aspects they need to work on and zoom in by pinching their fingers. Some designers may soon argue that developing on a smartphone is easier than on a laptop.

Thanks to the advanced functions of website builders, making a site from a smartphone is a real possibility. Until recently, it wasn’t particularly enjoyable creating pages from a mobile screen, but offerings like the iPhone 13 have introduced a pleasurable experience. Making an eCommerce site has never been simpler.

Featured image: Mikeshouts/Apple Inc./Pixabay (coffeebeanworks).

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