how to make a retro-look Atomic Age Clock

DIY Atomic Age Clock 544x468px
(photos: Meg Allan Cole)

this is dedicated to all DIY and retro-decor loving folks out there. while furniture makes the main statement of your retro inclination, minor details like hanging pictures, clocks et cetera, to further emphasize your exquisite taste. instead of splurging hundreds of dollars on off-the-shelf items – if you can find any, why not built one yourself. this is where Meg Allan Cole comes in. in her recent feature on Craft: Video, she lets you in on how to create a mid-century era Atomic Age Clock to add to the retro feel for any retro-inspired home decor. my retro inclination is not as strong but Meg’s Atomic Age Clock did manage to catch my eyes because i thought this particular version looks equally at home in any contemporary set-up. hit past the jump for a short DIY Atomic Age Clock tutorial hosted by the lady herself. it sure sounds pretty simple enough and let me assure you that you won’t be needing any equipment or materials related to nuclear reactor for this.
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