You may mistake this Howl’s Moving Castle for a movie prop, except that Howl’s Moving Castle is an animation and uses no props. What you see here is a sculpture of the super cool walking castle created by the super talented model maker, Studson Studio.

Howl’s Moving Castle Sculpture Made from Junk

Studson Studio has recreated the moving castle from the Studio Ghibli movie using mostly junk and stuff lying around his house. The use of upcycled materials is a very fitting tribute to the magic-powered walking castle because it is essentially made up of, well, a mixed bag of stuff.

However, we shan’t dwell on how Studson Studio made it; you can learn that from the almost an hour-long video (which is totally worth the watch, btw) embedded below.

Howl’s Moving Castle Sculpture Made from Junk

Anyhoo, the result is an amazing sculpture of the iconic castle that towers at 21 inches (53 cm) tall and tips the scales at 4.2 lbs (1.91 kilograms). It took Studson about 300-400 hours, spread across 61 days, to build and it took another 15 days to edit the 52 minutes build video. We salute the man’s dedication to his art. Keep going for the said video.

Seriously, if you have the time to spare, do watch the entire episode. Before you go, you may also want to know Studson has built a second version of the castle after it fell apart (in the movie) when Calcifer, the Fire Demon, was put out by Sophie (I cannot forgive you for that, Hatter!). If anyone’s interested, you can find the built video of the barebone Howl’s Moving Castle below.

Howl’s Moving Castle Sculpture Made from Junk

Images: YouTube (Studson Studio).

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