If you haven’t heard, Facebook, Inc. is now known as Meta Platforms, Inc. Why? Because Mark Zuckerberg and his team are aiming to conquer the metaverse. So what the hell is metaverse? Well, it is a virtual world, much like the one you see in Ready One Player.

Iceland Pokes Fun at Metaverse with Icelandverse

You can also think of it like Second Life, but made more immersive with VR headsets. In other words, it is a digital world where you can hang out with friends, collaborate on work, and you know, just live life.

Basically, it will be just like the real world which strangely, we already live in. And that, my friends, becomes an invitation to be roasted. And roast someone did recently.

Inspired by Iceland, a public-private communication platform to promote Iceland and Icelandic products, recently posted a video poking fun at the concept of a metaverse which it calls “Introducing the Icelandverse.” I see what you did there, Inspired by Iceland! LoL!

Iceland Pokes Fun at Metaverse with Icelandverse
Zack Mossbergsson, “Chief Visionary Officer”

What really makes this video fun is, it had a presenter who looked as pale and robotic as Facebook’s founder. The presenter, who is the “Chief Visionary Officer”, also spoke in a super awkward manner like Zuckerberg always does and he even had a similar style name called Zack Mossbergsson.

Mossbergsson started off by saying that he want to “talk about a revolutionary approach on how to connect with our world without being super weird.” (Mossbergsson’s looking at you, VR headsets!). Hearing that, you know the fun is just about to begin. Anyways, we shall not spoil it for you. You can have a look at the video, which you can find embedded below. I am pretty confident that it will put a smile on your face.

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Images: YouTube (Inspired by Iceland).

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