You must be thinking. So what if it is a lamp in the likeness of the infamous One Ring from Lord of the Rings? Any business could have made one, you thought. Well, on the contrary, none actually exists. I know. I am just as surprised as you. But that’s not the point.

Wooden Lord of the Ring One Ring Lamp

The point is, this Wooden Lord of the Rings One Ring Lamp is crafted through the skillful hands of French woodworking expert, Olivier Gomis. Gomis literally crafted the entire lamp out of maple and maple veneer.

Save for the lack of curve like the actual One Ring has, the Wooden Lord of the Rings One Ring Lamp is as close as you get to a lamp with the glowing Black Speech inscription in Tengwar script. Speaking of the inscription, it was painstakingly routed by hand with a portable router.

Wooden Lord of the Ring One Ring Lamp

What’s interesting about this desk lamp is, the inscription remains invisible until turn the lamp is turned on and it does so gradually, just like the real deal.

Olivier originally wanted to make the outside curved like the One Ring, but the veneer just won’t bend nicely as he would have loved. But it is as perfect as it can be, IMHO. Skip ahead for a video to see how Olivier Gomis made this awesome Lord of the Rings memorabilia without incurring the wrath of the Nazgûl aka The Ringwraiths.

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Images: YouTube (Olivier Gomis).

via Technabob.

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