It is not new for handset makers to dish out official accessories for its flagship devices. Huawei is no different, but this time, the China handset maker has taken one step further by introducing a 1 TB backup storage drive for its newly unveiled flagship Huawei Mate 20. Think of the device as the Time Machine for Mate 20. It lets you backup your phone’s files as and when, so in the event that your phone gets stolen, lost, or required to be reset, your files will not be lost. The drive offers a terabyte of storage and it also serves as a charger for your Mate 20 devices.

Huawei Backup Storage for Mate 20

However, do note that this is NOT a power bank. It merely replaces your stock charger to charge your Mate 20 and it does not support Huawei’s SuperCharge technology. As a consolation, you can charge your Mate 20 while the backup is in progress. However, you shouldn’t have to wait for long for the backup to complete because, Huawei claims this Mate 20 storage device can backup 10 high resolutions images in a second. Speaking of high-resolution photos, the 1 TB capacity is good for over 300,000 high-res images, or over 3,000 episodes of HD TV shows.

Huawei Backup Storage for Mate 20

It is made plastic with a non-slip silicone base and a top wrapped in spill-proof fabric. At a glance, it looks like a flat speaker, but obviously, it is not. One of the draw of this accessory is, it does not require dedicate app to function. It will automagically works when you plug in your Mate 20 phone. But of course, like any good backup devices, Huawei Backup Storage for Mate 20 does not necessary backup everything that is on the phone; you will have total control over what you want to backup. Finally, there is a USB Type-C port that supports the use of 5V2A chargers, as well as Huawei’s 9V2A and 5V4.5A chargers, but not the new 40W SuperCharge technology.

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It appears that this wholesome device for new Huawei Mate 20 users is only available in China. The device is listed on Vmall as a pre-order. However, actual pricing is not known. All it reads now is, a deposit of 8 yuan (about US$1.20) has to be made and if you do that, you get 108 yuan (around US$16) off the device’s price. Official release date is slated to be on October 26.

Huawei Backup Storage for Mate 20

Images: Huawei.

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