INNOVENTIONS Virtual Touchpad For Smartwatches

INNOVENTIONS, Inc., a 35-year-old Huston-based technology company, has announced it has received U.S. patent for a “back of the hand” virtual touchpad solution it has developed.

This virtual touchpad for smartwatches leverages on the back of the wearer’s hand as a virtual touchpad to navigate a smartwatch as opposed to directly touching the smartwatch’s screen.

It is a strange new tech that is somehow pretty exciting. Imagine the prospect not having to struggle with the tiny touchscreen of a smartwatch. I don’t know about you, I am looking forward to that day.

Hardware that enables this magic to happen include camera sensors located at the side of the watch facing the hand.

INNOVENTIONS Virtual Touchpad For Smartwatches

According to INNOVENTIONS, Inc., this technology supports both hover gestures and actual touch. Example of the latter include pinch and zoom, scrolling and handwriting.

You can learn more about this innovative technology at this website. Before you go, you may be interested in the demo video below that also explains how the Virtual Touchpad works.

Images: INNOVENTIONS, Inc./YouTube (Rotoview).