its a plane, its a helicopter, its boat… no it’s Halo Intersceptor!

Halo Intersceptor Concept 544px(photo source: Halo Intersceptor | US$NA (Concept) |

i am not exclaiming when superman flew past. and it is not transformers from the blockbuster sci-fi movie either. so what on earth can transform from an automobile to a plane, a helicopter or a double hulled boat? in comes the Halo Interseptor, a concept dreamt up by UK designer, Phil Pauley. essentially, Halo Interseptor is a car and by docking the car into its different platforms, transform it into a different form of transport. think of it as a docking station for a car. kind of.
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kind of far fetch as one might think at this present point, not to mention the number of licenses one would required to get for just one car. accordingly to Gizmag (who has a more in-depth report), the car would be a sleek 4-seater automobile propelled by a hybrid engine with 4-wheel drive and as a plane (known as the Halo 120), it would be powered by two Pratt and Whitney TF30-P-100 turbofan engines. Halo 46 attachment is the helicopter attachment, where the front seats passengers become the pilots. so, do you trust your driver to fly you around?

so you have covered the land and the air, how can we miss out the beautiful ocean? dock the automobile into the Halo 22 and you get to spin around the immense open waters in a double hulled watercraft. sounds interesting. but i would probably stick to the standard transit methods for now.

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fantasy? you be the judge. just a thought: how would an standard steering wheel become a flying yoke? i am intrigued. totally.

Halo Intersceptor Halo 120 attachment 544px
Halo Intersceptor as a jet plane
Halo Intersceptor Halo 46 attachment 544px
Halo Intersceptor as a helicopter
Halo Intersceptor Halo 22 attachment 544px
Halo Intersceptor as a boat

via Gizmag

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