I haven’t commit myself to a headphone jack-less iPhone 7 and I would imagine if I do, I will likely grab a pair of wireless earbuds just to, you know, save myself the embarrassment of using the included adapter/dongle. If you are on the same page as me, then you may want to know Jabra has updated its Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds. The new Jabra Elite Sport Truly Wireless Earbuds now boasts 50 percent longer battery life, enhanced capabilities for personalizing sound, and adds a touch vanity with a new color option. But more on that later.

Jabra Elite Sport Truly Wireless Earbuds

The new Elite Sport now offers up to 13.5 hours of use per charge and touts features like sound personalization with equalizer profiles (via an app), ground-breaking in-ear fitness analysis (including advanced heart rate monitor), distinct focus on the in-call experience, four-microphone technology, customizable fitting options for superior fit and comfort wear, and durable sweat-proof construction. Jabra Elite Sport Truly Wireless Earbuds works with both Android and iOS, and for this updated version, it gets a new, tantalizing colorway by the way of Lime Green Gray.

Jabra Elite Sport Truly Wireless Earbuds

The Lime Green Gray edition is available in the U.S. from Best Buy as we speak and it will be made available from select channels in Europe and APAC from Q3. Black Edition, however, is available to all channels in U.S. and Canada with the EU and APAC seeing it only in Q3. Don’t ask why EU and APAC are always at later dates. I am curious too. Whatever it is, expect to drop a hefty $249.99 for a pair, Lime Green Gray or otherwise.

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Jabra Elite Sport Truly Wireless Earbuds

Images: Jabra.

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