Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible

Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible
Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible | from US$69,000.00 |

it’s amazing how development-in-progress cars clad in ‘camouflage’ skin can really hide the final car’s true beauty. honestly, we never thought it would make a lot of difference, until now. previously, we have reported on the production ready Jaguar F-TYPE that was to unveiled at the Paris Motor Show but back then it was clad in ‘camouflage’ which naturally didn’t show much. now that it has been officially rolled onto the stage, we must say that we are pretty impressed, plus we now know that three models are being offered: the F-TYPE (from $69,000), F-TYPE S (from $81,000) and the F-TYPE V8 S (from $92,000), though technical details remain scant. both the F-TYPE and the F-TYPE S are fitted with Jag’s new supercharged 3.0-liter V6 petrol unit with the F-TYPE receiving 335 horses (250 kW), while the F-TYPE S’s unit gets a higher output of 375 horsepower (279 kW). perched on top of the food chain is the massive supercharged 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine that pumps out 488 ponies (364 kW). all three models gets 8-speed QuickShift transmission and are of course, rear wheel driven and features aluminum body, engine and suspension. the ‘S’ model is fitted with active sports exhaust and the top-of-the-range V8 gets active differential. performance-wise, the entry level F-TYPE shoots from zero to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, gunning for a top speed of 161 mph (259 km/h); the ‘S’ model does it in 0.3 second quicker at 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 171 mph (275 km/h); and the V8 S makes it in just 4.2 seconds with a terminal speed of 186 mph (299 km/h). beyond those info, we knew nothing much about it except that it’s going to be one heck of a sexy ride. in mean time, check out some imageries after the break or head-on down to Jaguar USA website try your hands on configuring your dream ride. it’s kinda of fun, you know.

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