Jokes and Memes on Pandemic to Brighten Your Day

Humanity is going through a very dark time. Even worst is, according to U.S. experts, the pandemic could last for two years. Two years! Now, that’s really a holy shit situation. Everyday life, as we know it, has changed forever. Masks and physical distancing are and will be part and parcel of everyday life.

How we adhere to that will very much determine how long this will go on. In any case, it is what it is and since we can’t change anything other than practicing what we have been doing since the outbreak, why not ride along with the waves, so to speak, by taking a look some of the jokes and memes some creative people have dished out during this difficult times?

Not to make fun or make light of the situation, but since it is inevitable, what’s the point of sulking and complaining? While we all work together to make this virus stop messing with our life, lets put a smile on our face. Skip ahead for a video compiled by Viralist for the said jokes and memes. Enjoy and stay safe.

Hat tip: YouTube (Viralist).