Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

I am sure everyone has, one point in time, accidentally purged files that you want. Accidentally deleting data is not the worst; the worst part is when you only found out the lost months later and by then, you could have already reformatted your computer. I have had this experience with very important files and I am not going lie; simply by recounting the experience sends shivers down my spine. I almost had an anxiety attack (or maybe I did have!). I cannot tell you what exactly happen or what files I were deleted, but they are definitely not dick pics and not nudes of my ex.

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Now that we have gotten everyone’s curiosity out of the way… we can move on to this awesome Windows data recovery software called Disk Drill. I wouldn’t have to tear my hair over that fiasco if I had found this wonderful, if not the best data recovery software earlier. Disk Drill is one of the top data recovery software available today. It is available as a free download for Windows 7, 8, and the latest Windows 10. If you are still with the ancient (but trusty) XP, it will work too. Hell, it even works on the much loathed Vista (arguably the worst Windows ever!), as well as Mac.

With Disk Drill, losses are merely dropped stuff somewhere inside your home; it will help you locate and recover them, and even if the disk was reformatted and the partitions wiped. And it can do so across almost any storage, including built-in windows hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards and even iPods – just to pick out a few. Moreover, it can recover from multiple types of file systems, ranging from FAT to NTFS to Linux ext family. Basically, nothing will stop Disk Drill from doing its job. I guess you could say Disk Drill is a juggernaut of file recovery, or even the best data recovery software for Windows.

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So far, everything sounds pretty damn awesome, but what really make Disk Drill shines is protection. No. It does not protect your Windows computer from viruses or malware, but it will gladly assume the task in protecting your PC from future data losses. Thanks to a file-deletion monitor that closely monitors the files you have deleted so, in the event you need those files back, you can recover them with ease (read: without tearing your hair).

Disk Drill by CleverFiles is a freeware that gives you 500 MB data recovery, but if you upgrade to Pro, it will gives you unlimited personal recovery on up to 3 computers, enabling quick and deep scan across multiple types of file systems, partition search, and the ability to reconstructs, wait for this… over 300 file formats! There is also an Enterprise plan where you will get unlimited users, unlimited installations and all of the Pro features, plus priority support and lifetime upgrades for free.

You can test drive this arguably the best data recovery software for Windows for free by downloading the non-pro version. As for the Pro and Enterprise, they will run you back at $89 and $399, respectively. If you need options, you may want to check out the these free data recovery software for Windows too. Check out the product intro video below to learn more.

Images: CleverFiles.