Not getting the best sound out of your flatscreen TV is a first world problem which many AV equipment makers have been trying to solve. Gone are the days where we can live with cumbersome AV systems. Not anymore. Now, we demand it to be smaller and yet deliver awesome sound. The industry has tried everything, round speakers, flat bars, sound bars and whatnot, but today, we stumbled upon one that might actually be the answer. Of course, we can’t vouch for it until we hear it ourselves, but as always, we want to point it to your direction for you to decide. Dubbed K.I.S.S. AV X4 Speakers with Sonic Vortex Technology, it is created by Jim Murray who have been in the AV industry for over 30 years. Murray said he came up with a perfect solution that allows good bass delivery in a form factor no more than 3 inches thick.

Traditionally, deep, thumping bass requires a deep cabinet, but Murray solves it with his patented Sonic Vortex Technology that combines ported and transmission line technology into one single unit. With Sonic Vortex, the ported transmission line hug the internal of a integrated and sealed tuned enclosure, and fins are incorporated to separate the port transmission line into multiple smaller ports which the audio exits through the ports located around the driver to create a 3D sound effect. Under the hood, K.I.S.S. AV X4 is equipped with 24-bit/96kHz audiophile-quality DAC, along with a Class D 60W amplifier to further amp up your music enjoyment. Connectivity includes digital optical (Toslink), digital coaxial, stereo line-in, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 aptX for wireless audio streaming.

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K.I.S.S. AV X4 Speakers can be set up as bookshelf speakers and it is also designed with flatscreen TV in mind, allowing it to be mounted wall along side the TV, or affixed to the TV using the mounting holes found at the rear of most TVs. Finally, X4 also boasts automatic audio sensing which the onboard amp will fire up automatically when audio signal is detected on any input. This means, it will turn on when the TV turns on, and when you stream music, it will detect it and fires up. It will auto turn off when it senss no input after 5 minutes. Control, such as volume adjustment, can be achieved using the included compact IR remote, or most major brands’ TV remote.

On paper K.I.S.S. AV seems to stick true to its namesake, which is acronym for Keep it Super Simple. I sure hope the sound isn’t simple though. Just kidding. If you are up for it, you can back K.I.S.S. AV X4 on Kickstarter for $199-249 and keep your finger crossed that the campaign meets its set funding goal. There is also a subwoofer model, the O6, as an option for bassheads who can never get enough of low frequency audio. If all goes as planned, you could be sweet audio reproduction as soon as this October. Scroll down the pitch video to learn more.

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