KFC outside of home country USA are not new to breakthrough and quirky marketing gimmicks. But the same does not to apply to KFC in its home country. Well, that’s until now. During this year’s Thanksgiving, KFC US unveiled a rather interesting product that’s not fried chicken and not apparels and accessories; it was a camping tent. You know, the thing that offer you a sheltered haven from the elements when out in the wild? Yea. Those kind of tent. It is an official merchandise from the king of fried chicken and it is no ordinary tent, mind you.

KFC Internet Escape Pod Camping Tent

This tent, aptly called KFC Internet Escape Pod, is one that will make you off-the-grid no matter where you go. Constructed of special steel and stainless steel mesh, once inside, no signal of any form will be able to penetrate. In other words, KFC wants you to put down your smartphone and enjoy your company like the good’ol days without the distraction of electronic devices. The dome tent’s 7’ x 7’ x 6’ 6” size can accommodate up to three average-size adults.

KFC Internet Escape Pod Camping Tent

It boasts a couple of quirky bits like a replica of Colonel Sander made from 8 lbs high-density architectural foam, coated in enamel paint, hugging the tent and a swing door for ingress and egress, complete with a fried drumstick for handle. Quirky indeed! For this just-past Thanksgiving, KFC has tasked Colonel to shield you from the distraction of electronic devices.

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Apparently, it was tested by “a special person with a gizmo” and proven that this cage-tent hybrid is totally impervious to signal penetration. And this ain’t no prank. It is a real product which you can acquire from KFC US website for a handsome $5,000. Yup. That’s a 5 grand tent right there and it is from KFC. Imagine that!

KFC Internet Escape Pod Camping Tent

Being not an ordinary tent, the KFC Internet Escape Pod does require assembly and installation by assigned personnel which is included in the price. I am not sure why can’t KFC let us do the installation ourselves. I am sure it won’t be gargantuan task, am I right? Having said that, it looks like it is not quite a camping tent since you can’t possibly ask the installer to drop by Yellowstone National Park, right?

If you are feeling rich and want a ultimate place where you can consume your favorite fried chicken without the attendees, including yourself, staring at the phone, you can pick up this $5,000 innovative dome tent from KFC US website. But be warned, it is available while stock lasts and it won’t be restock once it is sold out. So, your call.

KFC Internet Escape Pod Camping Tent

KFC Internet Escape Pod Camping Tent

Images: KFC USA.

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