though i have never find it a chore to enter password to unlock my Mac (same sentiment goes to the iPhone 5s too), i still find the Knock to Unlock functionality pretty intriguing, but probably not a want for me, personally. anyways, so what the heck is Knock to Unlock? well, Knock actually comprises of two things: a paid iPhone app which cost $3.99 and a free-to-download Mac app. after an initiate setup, this combination of iPhone app and Mac app will allow you to wirelessly unlock you Mac just by knocking the back of your iPhone. yep. rap the back of your iPhone and your Mac magically unlocks, which for some, saves them the hassle of tapping the few keyboard keys.

to make it more intuitive, your iPhone don’t even needs to be unlocked, though your app has to be ‘open’; as you are near your Mac, a notification appears on your iPhone’s lockscreen prompting you to knock and when you do so, the Mac lock screen reciprocate with visual ‘sound wave’ as you knock on your phone. this also doubles as a visual cue that the thing is actually functioning. there’s a catch though: the Bluetooth has to be set to on the whole time, but luckily, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy for this purpose, so theoretically, it shouldn’t be too taxing to your juice-hungry iPhone.

basic requirements for the Knock to Unlock to work includes a recent year Mac and an iPhone 4s or later. which means our aging iMac is out of the Knock’s league. too bad. but think our MacBook Pro Retina would work, so perhaps we should give it a go? you know, for novelty sake? anyway, we shall debate over this 3.99 thing later, but for now, do check out the product video (with a pinch of humor) below to see the Knock in action.

Knock Software via 9to5Mac

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