knuckle duster is not usually associated with ‘sleek’ and ‘friendly’, but in the case (no pun intended) of the Knucklecase: Original Patented Knucklecase for iPhone 5 happens to be both. painstakingly crafted from a solid block of aluminum, the Knucklecase is fashioned after the notorious knuckle duster (why do they even call it knuckle buster when it is obvious a face buster) just so that your iPhone 5 will stay securely on your hand, come what may, and with that it, of course, inevitably brings with it some novelty factor. in fact, novelty would be an understatement, cos’ it is definitely going to be a head turner, if not an absolute magnet of hostile stares. as the official namesake suggest, this unique iPhone case is patented and 100 percent made in the good’ol U.S. of the A. and oh, a little word of warning with regard to this iPhone case: as we all know, knuckle duster is classified as a weapon, so travelers might want to take heed that there might be a tiny weeny bit chance that it would be confiscated by authorities such as your friendly TSA, and not too mention the prospect of being subjected to further *er-hem* ‘detailed’ pad down. speaking of which, as novel as it is, we are not too sure what’s the law enforcement agencies view about this face busting contraption snapped to your harmless Apple smartphone. in the event that you are undaunted by the ‘risk’, then go ahead and knock yourself out with it, but be prepared to shell out at least $120 for one of these. available in four finishes: classic silver, ballistic black ($125), polished gold ($125), as well as moonshine white ($135). take a few more look in the small gallery below.

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