there are just so much gold and diamonds you can embellish your iPhone with to make it look luxurious, but as opulent as it can be, can the blinged-out iDevice stands up to your rounds of boating days? absolutely not a chance, and for that, luxury time piece and handset maker TAG Heuer think they have an answer and that answer is the TAG Heuer RACER SUB NANO Limited Edition Smartphone. the SUB NANO is essentially a waterproof version of the TAG Heuer RACER Racing Carbon introduced back in March 2012 and to which, it inherits features such as pretty modest 1GHz processor, a 3.5″ hi-res touchscreen display, a 5.0MP AF main shooter – along with a VGA item at the front, 256MB of built storage – expandable via SD card slot and it is of course, powered by Android OS – to which, we have no clue what version it will be loaded with. on top of all those, the TAG Heuer RACER SUB NANO Limited Edition Smartphone is blessed with what the Swiss firm called Waterblock technology, where the the internal electronic components of the handset is sealed against water and moisture by nanometer-thin, repellent barrier. apart from that, the SUB NANO still adheres to the core design codes of the RACER Racing Carbon smartphone, sporting the familiar elongated, octagonal form, along with a sport-inspired, durable design. as far as the specs are concerned, it is definitely not something to shout about, but we could only say ‘ample’ (unless, we are missing something here). then again, it is not often that you find a luxury handset that comes water resistant right out-of-the-box. if you have something like 4,900 euros to spare, you are welcome to pre-reserve the TAG Heuer RACER SUB NANO starting now. only 500 of such examples will be made available (with each set individually numbered) and only offered in selected cities.

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