Küat Racks Bike Lock disguises itself as a water bottle

Kuat Racks Bike Lock 900x560px
(photos: Küat Innovations) Küat Racks Bike Lock | US$34.00 | www.kuatinnovations.com

style conscious cyclists will no doubt be concerned by how typical bike lock tends to tarnish the look of their otherwise sleek bike but not too worry, cos’ the newly announced Küat Racks Bike Lock is here to solve your woes. if aesthetic is all you are concerned with, then this bike lock disguised as a water bottle should do the trick. that’s assuming that aesthetic precedes security as this bike lock’s 5-feet long, 8-mm braided steel cable won’t do do any good if meet with its arch nemesis, the cable cutter. further, pretty aesthetic is only when you have the bike lock coiled up into the fake water bottle cos’ snaking cables were never a pretty sight. oh, there’s a little bonus here: it has a compartment down at the bottom that lets you stash your keys and other paraphernalia, if you wish too. i can’t denied that this might be a brilliant idea as far as aesthetic is concerned but not so if you have a real water bottle to mount on the bike, which will make it look a little odd. two water bottles? really? then again, that’s just my personal opinion.
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Jam Media Collective via Gizmodo

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  1. The lock is seriously a cheap piece of garbage. I never used the one I bought because it was falling apart when I got it.

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