Think rally car and it is likely to conjure up brands like Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Ford. One probably would never, in his/her life, think Lamborghini will make a good, much less a decent, rally car. Hell, we didn’t think Nissan or MINI makes a decent rally car even. Anyways, that being said, we cannot be sure if a Lamborghini will make a good rally car (good as in taking pole most of the time), but they are sure people doing it. Like this team here:

To be honest, some Lambos may have all-wheel drive which, theoretically speaking, should be great for unforgiving terrains, but a mid engine configuration? I have doubt it will do this low-slung exotic ride any good on, say, a dirt track that is a lot less grippy for almost any tire. But hey, it is a raging bull and it should be able to pull a quick run anytime of the day, right? Perhaps. Then again, a LM002 may be a more suitable candidate. Or maybe just for Dakar? I don’t know.

Here’s another raging bull screeching away on a mountain route:

Image: YouTube.

via Jalopnik.

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