Land Rover Defender given the touch of luxury by Vilner

Vilner Studio Land Rover Defender 900x600px
Vilner Studio Land Rover Defender | US$na |

we are accustomed to seeing souped up cars with luxurious interiors but going the luxe way for the interior of an automobile destined to go off-road is far and few between. however, that’s exactly what this Land Rover Defender was given: a luxury touch by Bulgarian customizer. what can i say? it’s so awesome that it beckons you to spend a night or two in it, instead of pitching tents or on your comfortable king sized bed, if you happens to be at home. heck, i would even hold a meeting in there than the conference room. Vilner has made an already cool vehicle into one that’s even more cooler and inviting. don’t have fast car to get babes’ attention? well, this one might just do. check a gallery of this beautifully souped up vehicle after the break. trust me (yet again), you won’t want to miss it.
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