LEGO 2020 Chinese New Year Sets

LEGO is ushering the next Chinese New Year in 2020 with two brand new Chinese New Year sets. The first is the Lion Dance set and the other is the Chinese New Year Temple Fair set.

You may remember last year’s sets were Dragon Boat Race, Dragon Dance and Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner sets.

LEGO 2020 Chinese New Year Sets

The Lion Dance set features five colorful buildable small lion figurines along with a percussionists’ stage – complete with drumming function, a temple gate decorated with LEGO tiles with traditional patterns and eight minifigures, which includes the lion dancers as well as a man in rat costume celebrating the Year of the Rat.

In addition, there’s a bunch of accessories include the red ‘best wishes’ scroll – in Chinese, of course, red orb, cabbage, calligraphy brush and a rocket firework.

The Chinese New Year Temple Fair set, on the other hand, recreates a scene from the Chinese New Year often seen throughout China. It includes stalls peddling a range of Chinese New Year products, in LEGO versions, of course.

LEGO 2020 Chinese New Year Sets

Expect to see Lunar New Year products like candy, toys, vases and dough figurines in the set. All told, the Chinese New Year Temple Fair gets 14 minifigures.

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Not going to lie. The set captured the Chinese New Year’s spirit perfectly. Definitely a more accurate portrayal as opposed to Dragon Boat Race which is more like Dragon Boat Festival, IMHO.

Anyways… keen eye fans may noticed something special with the 2020 Chinese New Year sets: the family from last year’s Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set has make an appearance too. Now, how’s that for continuity?

Both the new LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival models will roll out in China and Asia Pacific markets starting December 26, 2019. Thereafter, the rest world will be able to join in the celebration starting January 10, 2020. Prices are not available at this point.

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.