Lenovo Yoga 9i Convertible Laptop

This is going to be a rant more than a product news. What you see here is another Intel Evo certified laptop. This time, it’s from the new Yoga 9 series from Lenovo. It is also the one laptop that reminds us why we cut back on featuring laptops. It is one model, but they had to have a variety of sub models.

Lenovo Yoga 9i Convertible Laptop

In this instant, it includes 14- and 15-inch convertible models, and to make things a little complicated, a 14-inch Yoga Slim 9i which is a non-convertible. TBH, it makes purchasing decision difficult. And that is just one model.

If those aren’t confusing enough, Lenovo also revealed new Yoga Slim 7i Pro, Yoga Slim 7i and Yoga 7i. I know right? At this point, for a person who just one to use a laptop, research is the last thing that person wants to do.

The need to decipher which is better than the other in the same model line is a nonsensical. Perhaps, that’s what make Apple so easy to buy. If you didn’t think it is confusing as hell, then be my guest and read its press releases (HERE and HERE). It’s going to blow your mind, and it is not in a good way.

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Lenovo Yoga 9i Convertible Laptop

The person who crafted that article cannot even compartmentalize the different models, forcing readers to pore through every words and get bits and pieces of the specs of each model. To make things worst, some features are region specific. All these make picking up a laptop a rocket science.

We decided that it is for your best interest that we shall not detail. Anyways, you now know there are new Yoga laptops and I guess that’s what matters.

The 14-inch Lenovo Yoga 9i convertible laptop (aka Yoga Pro 14C in China) will have a starting price of €1,799 for the leather covered (yes, it is very complicated). The 14-inch Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i laptop (aka Yoga Pro 14s in China and IdeaPad Slim 9i in North America – again, it ’s complicated) will have a starting price of €1,899.

As for the 13-inch Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i, and 14-inch and 15.6-inch Lenovo Yoga 7i, they will have a starting price of €999. Save for the Yoga 9i, which will be available in October, the rest of the models are slated for November release.

No, I will not even bother to compare the models because, remember Yoga is just many brands (read: models) Lenovo has to offer.

Note: all images shown are the Lenovo Yoga 9i.

Images: Lenovo.