You can’t call yourself a Star Wars super fan if you don’t remember the MSE-6 Mouse Droid from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Mouse Droid has considerably less screen time as compared to other droids, but it left a lasting impression on many nevertheless. In fact, if you recall, it was only seen in one scene where it was shoo off by Chewbacca’s roar as he was escorted by a pair of Stormtroopers after being caught inside the Death Star.

Here’s the clip of the scene:

One scene was all it took to imprint Mouse Droid in most fans’ memory but apparently, not enough to warrant an official merchandise – not even a toy – over the last four decades, well, that’s until now. October 18, or today for some of you, was the day Disney announced that the obscured but adorable droid was among the many merchandises that’s going to be available to Earthly beings this Fall, undoubtedly in time for this year’s Holiday season.

Little is known about this boxy cutie, except for it will come with a somewhat Darth Vader-ish wireless remote control for manipulating the droid and there will be authentic sound effects to boot, you know, for authenticity sake. Though it is not known if the sound effects are randomly triggered or manual activated. Unfortunately, autonomy is not in the order, much less artificial intelligence and so, it won’t take off even if you, or rather, your feet, roars like Chewie.

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Though now we know that this lesser known droid is going to the hit the shelves soon, but it is unclear how much it will cost and also, there’s a catch 22 here: you won’t be able to get it from anywhere else except from Disney Park’s stores. Bummer.

Also hitting the park’s stores this December is another lesser known Star Wars-inspired gadget, the Imperial Comlink Bluetooth Communicator, as seen in the trash compactor scene in A New Hope. The Imperial Comlink Bluetooth Communicator is essentially a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as speaker phone and comes with a belt clip. In addition, Disney will also push out three new Dooney & Bourke handbags inspired by Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, carded Astromech droid action figures, along with some droid and Ewok plushes.

Source and image via io9 via WDW News Today

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