want to replicate a cinema setup in your humble pad? then perhaps the LG 105-inch Curved Ultra HD TV (105UB9) might be a good place to start. this incredibly massive TV, which you can see in the image below to have a sense of its gigantic proportion, boasts a 5120 by 2160 pixels which yields an eye-popping 11 million pixel screen resolution and has a cinematically proportioned 21:9 CinemaScope screen that will kind of put a theater right smack in your living. at this point, we are assuming that you will be placing this in your living, cos’ we have absolutely no idea who would have such a huge living room to accommodate this monster display, let along the bedroom. with respect to the spec, little is made known, but we should have more details when it is officially unveiled at the 2014 International CES in January.

however, what we do know is, it is not of OLED panel like most curved displays are, but instead, LG employs a refined Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology to “prevent color leakage and to ensure superior viewing experience from virtually any angle.” with the lack of details, also means the lack of pricing and availability information. while we can’t make prediction on when it will creep into the market, we can imagine this piece of monster gadget will be a definite bank-breaker. my guess is, it will cost something like in the region of high five-figure. so curved display lovers and ultra HD TV worshippers alike can start saving right about now. just keep saving, cos’ you will never know when it be out and how much damage it is going to do to your bank account. another look at how big this thing really is, below (hint: the beauty you see there is of regular human size. just thought you should know).

LG 105-inch Curved Ultra HD TV

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