LKPR Rock-hard Canadian Maple Headphones

put sound aside, there are a lot to rave about the LKPR Rock-hard Canadian Maple Headphones, ‘No Comply’. for starter, it has Canadian maple wood for earcups. next, you will have the option of having your headphones’ earcups made from your own (thrashed) skateboards, and finally, it has vintage RCA plugs as connectors that lead up to your media device. seriously, if those three elements don’t make this any cooler, we don’t know what will. speaker systems have, for ages, crafted from wood because of its excellent acoustic properties and it kind of makes sense to transfer that to a pair of audio cans, which is what LKPR Rock-hard Canadian Maple sets out to do. sourced from locally grown hard Canadian maple from FSC-certified suppliers, the maple wood is not only a visual eye-candy and speaks style, but it also keeps your music lock in, while keeping ambient noises out, thereby providing the LKPR No Comply a natural noise canceling functionality.

LKPR Rock-hard Canadian Maple HeadphonesLKPR Rock-hard Canadian Maple Headphones

under the wood, it has a 40mm neodymium driver with titanium diaphragm that promised to “precisely reproduce every sound across the entire audible frequency range, even from low-powered portable devices.” it has a steel structure with aircraft-grade aluminum hardware and natural leather is used on both the earcups and the wide headband. the latter features a suede texture on the inner side to provide a non-slip hold when worn on your head. the cable is one of the unique feature of this pair of wood audio cans, which being RCA plugs means replacement of damaged cable is as easy as grabbing another off most electronics stores. it also means that, for the first time, you can actually choose what cable that goes between the audio cans and the sources. Lukapier, the firm behind the LKPR No Comply Headphones, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise 25 grand to turn it into a reality. so if a pair wood headphones is your kind of poison, then show your love by backing up LKPR headphones. pledges for a pair start at 225 Canadian dollars and runs up to $350 CAD for one custom made from your own skateboard deck.

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