An electric future is inevitable. Despite this fact, two-wheeled electric vehicles seem scarce. That said if you are in the market for one, the upcoming FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter may be worthy of consideration. A futuristic look comes standard with this new kid in the very small electric motorcycle block.

FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter Prelaunch Campaign

FUELL Fllow is powered by a 47 horsepower rear wheel motor that promised an “acceleration of a superbike” (though no numbers were offered). The electric motor is paired with a 10 kWh chassis integrated battery to offer a true urban range of over 150 miles (240+ km) and fast charge support.

When recharging via CCS fast chargers, you can take the Fllow from 0-100% in under 30 minutes, claims FUELL. Or if you are pressed for time, 15 minutes or less is all it takes to take it from 20 to 90%.

Because Fllow is all-electric, it means the location where the fuel tank would have been, now is a place for storage. And it is a pretty sizeable one, coming in at 50 liters (13.2 gallons) – a notion that is unimaginable previously with ICE two-wheelers.

FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter Prelaunch Campaign

The Fllow doesn’t just look futuristic; it is futuristic, featuring a connected dashboard, integrated front and rear cameras with front and rear collision warning, linked intelligent ABS and regenerative braking, eTraction Control, keyless lock/unlock and engage, blind spot detection (yes, on a motorcycle!), walk and reverse assist, MonoStruct Technology, and a modular design that allows for easy upgrade of battery, the wheel motor, and the charging system.

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Even with all the tech, Fllow tips the scale at under 400 lbs (or about 181 kilograms) which is kind of impressive.

Fllow is designed in the U.S. by Erik Buell, the founder, former chairman, and CTO of the Buell Motorcycle Company which eventually merged with Harley-Davidson Corp, and his FUELL team. The e-motorcycle is being produced in the good’ol U.S. of A.

FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter Prelaunch Campaign

The FUELL e-motorcycle will have a starting price of US$11,995, which will come with an exclusive FUELL x VELDT luxury carbon helmet worth US$1,060. If you are down, you may reserve a unit by putting in a US$200 reservation deposit now and get a US$2,000 discount. Meanwhile, you may learn more about the FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter at its prelaunch campaign page.

FUELL Fllow Electric Commuter Prelaunch Campaign

All images courtesy of FUELL.

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