Straight out of Louis Vuitton’s 2021 Cruise Collection is an unexpected and yet somewhat expected item: a monogram-print face shield. It is sad and at the same time funny. A luxury face shield. Imagine that.

Funny because, we have come to this: donning face mask and face shield as part of the norm. Also funny because, designer’s face shield. Then again, pandemic or not, the rich and style conscious’ needs cannot be ignored.

Though, if I can be honest, I think Blocc looks a lot more stylish if stylish is the topic here. You know, I am just saying… I didn’t even know if this is the real deal. I can’t find any link to product page.

If it is real. This luxe face shield is borderline ludicrous. Nothing special. It looks like any old face shield slapped on with monogram trim and transplanted to a LV visor’s headband. That said, no more information is available to us. And that including the price which we have no doubt would be pricey (if it is a real deal).

Folks who are reading this who have details on this product, perhaps would like to reach out to us with link(s) and more details.

Images: Louis Vuitton (maybe?) via Highsnobiety.

Hat tip: Highsnobiety.

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