When I first saw the nanoblock Charanano series Evangelion. It was hard to accept. However small nanoblock’s building bricks are, the Evangelion characters, namely the EVA units and the 4th Angel, looks nothing like in the series.

nanoblock Charanano Evangelion Unit-02

It was a shocker indeed. I wanted to scream, ‘get this thing out of my sight!’ because I thought it was absolutely horrific. That was a few days ago.

While leaving the page on, waiting to write about it, I am starting to accept the blocky version of Evangelion. Now, I can see that they are probably how Evangelion would look like as a video game in the 80s. In its low-res, pixelated glory.

And you know what? Believe it or, they are starting to grow on me. Kind of.

nanoblock Charanano Evangelion Unit-02

There are three models available. Two models, namely, EVA Unit-01 and the 4th Angel, was released last year June. This month nanoblock is set to release the EVA Unit-02.

The nanoblock Charanano Evangelion Unit-02 packs around 300 pieces and measures 70 by 108 by 48 mm (2.76 x 4.25 x 1.89 inches) when assembled.

It will sell for 1,980 yen tax included (about US$18) when it becomes available.

Images: nanoblock.

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