We said many times and we will say it again. A barrier on your mouth and nose is better none at all. However, it is known that droplets carrying viruses could enter through our eyes too. That won’t be an issue if you had a mask AND a face shield. But if you rather not look like you are overdoing it, perhaps Artech Breeze Face Mask could be the sleeker and more sophisticated solution.

Artech Breeze Face Mask with Gold & Silver Filters

This is not just a pretty looking mask, mind you. For starter, it comes with an optional magnetic eye shield to complete your protection should you feel the need for one. That’s way better and more neat than the wielding face shield look offered by most face shield (except Blocc, that is).

I believe it is the only face mask that we have come across that touts silver and gold galvanic filter (we could be wrong, though). Gold serves as trigger for a galvanic reaction that enhances the silver properties, the company said. Silver is in itself antimicrobial and it should bust any germ that come into contact with it.

Artech Breeze Face Mask with Gold & Silver Filters

And then there’s the replaceable 5-layer N95 filter that, together with the aforementioned silver/gold filter, offers up to 99.8% filtration of airborne pollutants.

The mask also boasts a medical-grade stainless steel filter base and on the outside, a cool fabric which, when sprinkle with water, will further enhances the cooling effect during the hot summer days.

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Other noteworthy mentions include windproof, clear sound valves for phone calls (it is also offered without valves), pressure-reliving adjustable strap, ergonomic nose arch, and finally, Breeze is totally washable. Artech said the mask not only filter the air you breathe, but it also protects those around you by filtering your breath you exhale.

If you are sold by the idea, you may want consider pre-ordering Artech Breeze Face Mask on Indiegogo InDemand. Prices start at US$49.

Images: Indiegogo (Artech).

Hat tip: Yanko Design.

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  1. Scam product developers, no updates lots of fluff no deliveries non responsive to questions! trying to dupe people on both sites!

  2. They made two projects- one on Kickstarter and one of Indiegogo…neither are making updates, neither has delivered. Everyone thinks it’s a scam. I think so too. I wasted money on 4 masks in the first project…BEFORE the Indiegogo “discounts”…..

  3. This “company” has scammed everyone out of their money, and neither Kickstarter nor Indiegogo has done anything about shutting this project down. I can’t believe you can still “buy” the products. Everyone has reported being bilked out of their money with nothing to show for it, yet the projects are still there, asking for backers. Visit the sites and look at the comments!

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