luxury style: pop the golden question at a cost of $10,000

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they say, money can’t buy you love. however, in case you choose to ‘pop the golden question’ to your sweetie via the Minus5 Ice Bar, then you better be rich enough to be able to fork out $10,000 for the whole pop-the-question affair. so what do you get for $10k? you will get a glass of the Monica Martini with the Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka martini and instead of cherry, Monica will be topped with a diamond ring. all you have to do is give Minus5 Ice Bar a 48 hours notice, and they will get the Aaron Lelah Jewelers ring of your choosing embedded into a martini glass crafted out from pure New Zealand artesian water.
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the story goes that you and your would-be wife would enter this cool (literally) architecture and you will proceed to order a couple of martinis and surprise with her with the ring inside the icy cool martini glass. a sure fire way to get her to say ‘yes!’ without second thought. money does wonder isn’t it? heck, you don’t even need to say a word – unless she mistook the ring as part of the glass design. then in that case, may i suggest that you forget about the whole pop-the-question thing. seriously. no lady will misread this – a ring in a ice glass you ordered? safe to say that this will even make Charade a difficult game to play.

here’s an interesting fact: the drink is named after a Minus5 bartender who has been engaged three times in two years, obviously due to the fact that things didn’t work out. hmmm, doesn’t really sounds appropriate for such a joyous occasion, eh? or was it suppose to be a drink of irony? Minus5 Ice Bar is located in Mandalay Bay and there’s one over at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

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