Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk iPhone cases

For richie rich who adores the Parisian label Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks, there’s probably nothing more thrilling than to be able to flaunt the lucrious trunk ever so often. Actually, we are not sure if anyone love to do that, but if you do, then the Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk iPhone cases are definitely the kind of opulence you can bless yourself with. But why “Eye-Trunk”? Well, according to a report, “iTrunk” would be the ideal product name, but that would be an indication of a blatant challenge at Apple’s exclusive ‘i’ use. Either way, I am not fancying the name, but the cases do look pretty awesome, especially the classic Monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk iPhone cases

The case, which mimics a traveling trunk, sports a design that couldn’t get anymore angular than it already is also comes with the full suite of hardware for completeness sake. Obviously, Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk iPhone cases’ asesthetic is not for everyone; it is probably reserved for true enthusiasts and also those with deep pockets, cos’ these cases command a premium price tag of at least $1,180. In case you’re undaunted by the price, you will want to know that the case is available in three monogram versions: classic monogram canvas, monogram reverse canvas, and monogram eclipse canvas, but if those aren’t exactly exotic enough for you, you are more than welcome to pick up the gold crocodile leather model for $5,050-5,500 a piece.

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Well, what can I say? Sometimes, you need no precious stones to speak opulence.

Images: Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton via BallerStatus.

Additional details via Luxury Launches.