Nintendo Switch Cityslicker Case by Waterfield Designs

I am sure you already knew that the much anticipated Nintendo console, Switch, has already hit the market and you probably also know that it is marketed as sociable game console in that multiplayers can actually play face-to-face as opposed to current norm of faceless online multiplayer gaming. That being said, it is safe to say that Switch would be the most lugged around gaming console in the history of video game console to date, save for those dedicated portable gaming devices and therefore, on-the-road protection should be any Switch owner’s priority.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Pro Case by Waterfield Designs
Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Pro Case (above) and Nintendo Switch Cityslicker Case (top).

Speaking of which, San Francisco-based Waterfield Designs have just the cases (well, more like bags, really) that will have your Switch covered, whether you can lugging the entire Switch setup or just the Switch Console. The cases from Waterfield Designs are Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Pro Case ($149+) and Nintendo Switch Cityslicker Case ($79+). The former is suited for hitting up a Switch party as it has the volume and boatload of pockets for bringing along your entire Nintendo Switch setup while the latter is for times when you just want lug along the Console, Joy-Con controllers, a bunch of games, and accessories like USB-C charge cable and ear plugs.

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As with the bag maker other products, the asesthetic of these new cases does not disappointed (hey, we wouldn’t be talking about it if there aren’t stylish, right?) and attention to details is pretty up there too. Also, they both have loads of features but instead of putting through the agony of reading a lengthy passage, we shall let the videos do the talking. So, strap in and skip ahead for Waterfield Designs’ concise introduction of its Nintendo Switch Cases.

All images courtesy of Waterfield Designs.

Waterfield Designs via The Gadgeteer.