M2TECH Young 384/32 DAC

M2TECH Young-B High Performance DAC
(photos: M2TECH) M2TECH Young 384/32 DAC | US$1,499.00 | http://www.m2tech.biz

when it comes to audio gear, we are serious about both its sound and aesthetic. as such, a beautiful piece of gear like the M2TECH Young 384/32 DAC certainly has our attention. Young is a Digital Audio Converter that is capable of handling up to 384kHz sampling rate and 32 bits resolution (USB input), and sports features like high speed asynchronous USB input and a comprehensive set of inputs including S/PDIF on RCA and BNC, AES/EBU on XLR and optical on Toslink. not all might comprehend its specifications but it all translates to quality audiophile sound wrapped in a stylish aluminum case with cool LEDs peeking out from behind the grille, indicating your selected input or during normal operation, indicates the sampling frequency of the music program being decoded. according to its maker, its ‘small size and stylish look allow for an noninvasive placement in every living space’ but we beg to differ – it is so pretty that we want it to be invasive and let it be known to all, not just by its sound but by how it look. we can’t let you judge the sound it will reproduce but instead, head past the jump for some visual treat of this sleek DAC. already drooling over the M2TECH Young 384/32 DAC? then be prepared to shell out a cool, bank-hurting $1,499 for one.

M2TECH via Uncrate

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