If you haven’t already heard, Bandai Namco Film Works is celebrating 40 years of Japanese sci-fi anime Macross and commemorating the 15th anniversary of Macross Frontier anime, which was aired in Japan in 2008 with a Blu-ray box set, Macross F Blu-ray Box.

Macross F Blu-ray Box

The Macross F Blu-ray Box is a must-have for hardcore fans of Macross. It contains all 25 episodes of the 2008 TV anime, spread across 4 Blu-ray discs. Episode 1 includes both the pre-broadcast airing, called Macross F Episode 1 Cross Encounter Deculture Edition which was a preview version of the first episode, aired on December 23, 2007, as well as the full episode (known as Yak Deculture Edition).

Additionally, Episode 25 in the disc is presented in its full-length version. A bonus disc is included and it contains cast and staff roundtable discussions, Sheryl Nome & Ranka Lee Song Macross Stage Archive (including 19 songs!), a collection of stage footage of Sheryl and Ranka from the music rhythm game, Blu-ray box commercial collection, and non-credit opening and ending.

Macross F Blu-ray Box

All told, the main discs packed around 600 minutes of content while the bonus contains 70 minutes worth of content. In addition to the 5 discs, there is a 36-page special booklet with even more information about Macross F. The Macross F Blu-ray Box is presented in a box featuring an illustration by Japanese animator Risa Ebata.

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Pictures are in Full HD (Bonus disc in 1080i with some 1080p footage) and in 16:9 aspect ratio while audio supported includes linear PCM (stereo, some monoaural)/AVC/BD50G x 4.

The Macross F Blu-ray Box was released on March 24, 2023, for 27,500 yen (about US$193). Last checked, it is going for as low as 20,455 yen (roughly US$144) on Amazon Japan.

Images: Bandai Namco [JP].

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