If you are in the market for a portable gaming monitor, or just a monitor as an extension to your small screen devices, China’s MageDok Design have a few affordable propositions. The company’s MageDok line of portable monitor is available in three screen sizes: 13- (13.3”), 15- (15.6”) and 17-inch (17.3”), each having its own unique features and most important, they do not cost an arm or a leg.

MageDok Portable Gaming Monitor

Features include up to 144 Hz refresh rate, 5 ms response time, RGB pulsing light show, support for AMD FreeSync, up to 2K resolution, multitouch panel, USB-C, mini HDMI connectivity, PD quick charge and reverse charge, patented Eye Care technology, and supports portrait mode. The latter is perfect if you are a coder who needs to get some work done while on-the-road.

MageDok Portable Gaming Monitor

MageDok Portable Gaming Monitor is compatible with a variety of devices, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and it also works with smartphones as well as laptops. It is worthy to note that Magedok Design have been selling its MageDok Portable Monitors on Shopify. However, it has recently taken to Indiegogo to pre-sell them at a further discounted prices, starting at just $169.

It looks like Magedok Design’s intention with its Indiegogo campaign is to push its 15-inch model which touts a FHD 144 Hz, 5 ms (presumably, GTG) display with optional touchscreen functionality. Anywho, we shall let you explore the range and decide if any of them fits your need.

MageDok Portable Gaming Monitor

Images: MageDok.

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