Potr Self-watering Origami Plant Pots

Potted plants are nice things to have to break up an otherwise cold, modern interior decor. But the thing is, knowing when to water them can be a challenge itself. We have recently saw a high-tech way of ensuring your lovely green gets the right amount of water and today, we stumble upon a low-tech solution. Meet Potr Pot, a self-watering origami plant pot that lets your plant decides when it is thirsty and needed a sip.

Made of 100 percent recycled materials and comes flat-packed (no it is not from IKEA, btw), Potr Pot is an outer pot equipped with a cotton draw string/wicking straw that has one end inside the pot and the other, tucked into the soil of the potted plant.

Potr Self-watering Origami Plant Pots

All you need to do is place your potted plant inside Potr Pot and pull the draw string to assemble it. After that, leave one end of the draw string in inside the translucent Potr Pot and tuck the other end into the soil. From there, all you need is to add water and monitor the level. It is that simple. Frankly, I am not quite sure how effective this is and so, we just have to take its creators’ words for it.

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You can learn more about Potr Pot at its official website HERE, or hit up the product’s fund-raising campaign at kickstarter. The latter is also where you can pre-order a Potr Pot for £8-10 (about US$10-12, according to Kickstarter) a pop, depending on the size you are after. The campaign had a modest funding goal which it has already met and so, the product is a go and that your pledge for a product is a pre-order.

Images: Potr Pot.