2017 Big Sky Bistro Original French Press Mug

Montana-based Planetary Design, maker of hot beverage equipment, has recently reintroduced its popular French press mugs, the Big Sky Bistro, with an artistic twist. Now, if you don’t already know, French press mug is essentially an on-the-go coffee maker and mug combo first introduced 25 years ago. Twenty-five-freaking-years! So, yeah, you’d be right to say Planetary Design is the granddaddy of on-the-go coffee maker. The latest iteration boasts an improved French press plunger design and improved durability – all packed into an even lighter package while maintaining much loved features like ease of portability, and a rugged insulated BPA-free hard plastic construction that keep your choice of beverage warmer for longer and the ability to survive drops.

2017 Big Sky Bistro Original French Press Mug

Aesthetically, it is distinguished itself with beautiful graphic featuring outdoor scenes as created by Planetary Design’s very own resident artist and that, my friends, is some the team is digging, a lot. Planetary Design’s reintroduction of the Big Sky Bistro couldn’t come at a better time when coffee consumption has increased exponentially over the years, especially the demand for coffee on-the-go even in the wilderness. We may not have the actual figures, but from the numerous successfully funded crowdfunding campaign for such contraptions is a good indicator of the demand.

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Anywho, Planetary Design will be taking Big Sky Bistro, along with its complete line of single and multi-serve French Press coffee makers, to the upcoming Coffee Fest Portland in October where you can locate home at Booth #124. In the mean time, if you want, you can acquire the 2017 Big Sky Bistro from Planetary Design’s website for just $19.99 a pop.

Images courtesy of Planetary Design.

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