Campfire in a Can

Camping is fun and fire is part of the fun, but forgetting to bring stuff needed for fire is not, so is the deliberation of the fuel to use. Those are just some of the common woes campers face today, which Campfire In A Can aims to address. What sets this can apart from its competition is the ability to accept charcoal, wood and propane, which means there is not need to deliberate on what fuel to use. Whatever you decides, it take it with stride and in the case of propane, it comes with the propane kit to get it going. Prefer wood? Well, it will chomp up efficiently as well – thanks to its innovative vertical burner system that afford maximum heat projection when burning wood. It promised to leave nothing but fine ash behind when it is done.

Attention to detail is pretty impressive with this campfire system. It comes complete with a canister top and base that allows you to snuff out the wood fire in a snap and this same canister top and base combo also makes a self-contained campfire can where everything you need to start a fire are in there. Just grab and go and save yourself the hassle of digging around the house or garage for those nitty gritty but no less important campfire stuff. Apart from providing light and warm, the Campfire In A Can is also a BBQ pit. Just top the can with the supplied cooking grill and you are all set to cook your favorite BBQ food using your choice of fuel.

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You can find Campfire in a Can on Kickstarter from now till March 7, 2015, where you will be able to pre-order it for $99 and $144 for non-propane model and the one with propane kit, respectively. Target delivery is in June 2015 and oh, there is not worry about meeting the funding goal, cos’ the campaign has already surpassed its set goal. Check out the product pitch video after the break.

submitted via TIP US page.