Someone spent four years developing a completely open-source, free-to-make-your-own prosthetic hand that cost $30 in parts. In a world where prosthetic limb is a luxury, Maker Hand is a glimmer of hope for the those below elbow amputees who can’t afford high tech prosthetic limb.

Maker Hand 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

I think most brilliant part is, it involves no electronics and hence no battery to charge. This translates to simpler maintenance.

According to its creator, it is completely mechanical, powered solely by the body. It is 3D printer using a home use 3D printer (Ender 3 in this case) and uses rubber bands and a wire to enable the magic to happen.

Here’s how it works in a gist:

“There’s a wire that runs up his arm and across his back. By moving his shoulders apart or together he can open and close the hand. He can also change the tension really quickly by adjusting an elastic on the forearm of the bionic arm with his good hand. You can see him doing it in the videos, it’s an awesome design!”

What make this creation an absolute beauty is, its creator, Andrej Dukic, maintain that Maker Hand will remain open-source and not sell it to highest bidder that would inevitably make the product more expensive.

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However, there is a catch with Maker Hand. It appears that right now, it is suitable for below elbow amputees with substantial remaining limb. Skip ahead to see the Maker Hand 3D printed prosthetic hand in action.

Images: YouTube (Andrej Dukic).

Source: The Red Ferret.

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