Manta is a three-wheel amphibious electric concept vehicle

Manta Amphibious Vehicle by David Cardoso Loureiro image4 600x420px

another concept that draws our attention, however, being a concept, it may not necessary be practical. so let’s just bear that in mind when we are viewing a concept. the Manta is a three-wheel amphibious personal transport designed to run on a pair of electric motors driving the rear wheels. the rear wheels also doubles as the vehicle’s propulsion when in water. the sports wheels are designed to be real working propellers, so when the rear wheels are turned 90 degree, the wheels becomes the propeller for the vehicle. each wheel would be individually powered, which in theory, could enable steering of the vehicle in the water. but i would imagine the huge turning radius it would make. being independently powered means some form of synchronization has to be in place to ensure that both wheels are traveling at the same speed when traveling on land. nevertheless, the idea and the aesthetic is great. i will take two!
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